Our Business Partners

One of the unique features of our neighborhood is an extraordinary number of small, medium and large businesses that co-exist side-by-side with the residential buildings. The businesses bring welcome economic diversity and vibrancy to our streets, as well as heavy foot and car and truck traffic.

The goal of the West 50s Neighborhood Association is to recognize and encourage “good neighbors” among local businesses. We view as a good neighbor any business that is generous, clean and proactive. Any act of generosity matters: a friendly smile from the staff, participation in and support of the Association’s events and contributions to our long-term projects. A clean neighbor takes care of the sidewalk and keeps it reasonably free of debris and slime. A proactive neighbor thinks about the neighborhood issues and works on resolving them.

Business Partners:

- Andrea's shoe repair
- Angelo's Pizza
- Heather Floral 
- Myzel’s Chocolate Shop
- 9 Ten Restaurant

Andrea's shoe repair

Andrea's shoe repair on 55th off of 6th is a great little store. High quality shoe repairs and shines at a very reasonable price, and repairs while you wait!The owner, who oversees all from behind his desk, was too shy to tell me his name, but did hint that he hopes to retire soon, so now is the time to see him.

Angelo's Pizza

Off of 6th Avenue at 117 west 57th street is Angelo’s Coal Oven Pizza. The pizza is famous for it’s crust, and the restaurant is famous for it’s welcoming service. Family friendly, it’s also perfect for before and after Carnegie Hall…

 Heather Floral 


Tucked inside the lobby of Carnegie Tower, at 152 West 57th Street, where you would never think to look, is a beautiful surprise. Heather Floral is a small and special florist that grabs your imagination with a mounted twisted vine supporting orchids. The floral arrangements are exceptional.  Spring is here and a bouquet may lift your spirits or be the perfect gift. www.heatherfloral.com  


There are some 15 restaurants on the South side of West 56th between 5th and 6th, but one amazing standout! Il Tinello is a holdout of days gone by when excellent food and first class service wasn’t a rarity. If you’ve done some good and want to treat yourself, head on over to Il Tinello’s!

Myzel’s Chocolate Shop

I have not yet been able to get my time machine working, but this little store is a great substitute! A family owned and operated store, they have some of the finest chocolate you will ever taste, and over 100 types of licorice!


Our friends at the 9TEN restaurant on 7th Ave and 58th street had no sooner opened their doors a while back, when the city embarked on major, year long construction directly in front of their shop. Well, the construction is gone and they would love to meet all their neighbors, so stop by for a beer and a burger!

Please contact us at w50sNeighborhood@gmail.com if you want to be in our resources.